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Looking to Buy a Horse? Here are a Few Tips

Buying a horse is like finding a best friend. The first one you look at may not be the right one for you. Horses are beautiful creatures with their own personalities. Some like to run as much as they can. Some are jittery, nervous creatures that like to prance all day long. Others are gentle, good with kids, and calm in hectic situations.You want to find a horse that matches your personality, the horse that feels like an extension of yourself. There are plenty of good places to look, such as the internet and horse classifieds. No matter where you're looking, there are a few guidelines you should follow when making your decision.First off, remember that not everybody selling a horse is an honest seller, so make sure you ask the seller plenty of questions regarding the history of the horse, the age, how he is with people, loading into trailers, and the Ferrier. See if the owner has contact information for people that have worked with the horse, such as trainers and veterinarians. These people can give you a sec...


Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Horses

Depending on breed, management and environment, the domestic horse today has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. It is uncommon, but a few horses live into their 40s, and, occasionally, beyond. The oldest verifiable record was "Old Billy," a horse that lived in the 19th century to the age of 62. The size of horses varies by breed, but can also be influenced by nutrition. The general rule for cutoff in height between what is considered a horse and a pony at maturity is 14.2 hands(h or hh) (147 cm, 58 inches) as measured at the withers. An animal 14.2h or over is usually considered a horse and one less than 14.2h is a pony.However, there are exceptions to the general rule. Some smaller horse breeds who typically produce individual horses both under and over 14.2h are considered "horses" regardless of height. Likewise, some pony breeds, such as the Pony of the Americas or the Welsh cob, share some features of horses and individual animals may occasionally mature at over 14.2h, but are still considered ponies. T...


Why the Popularity of the Western Horse Saddles has Continued to Grow

Western horse saddles are a design that evolved from the Spanish Vaquero's saddles, which were used, for working. As more cowboys began to use their horses for longer periods of time, the saddle developed further. The need for specialist western saddles was immense; therefore, the saddle design had to develop further. Cowboys have always needed a saddle which was comfortable, durable, and could assist in their daily tasks.Many centuries ago all horseback riders would have ridden bareback, and every activity from fighting to working was done with no saddle. The first saddle is believed to have been introduced by the Sarmations in 365AD. Over time, the saddle creations were brought back to Europe, where the horsemen realized that the metal stirrups were a fantastic invention. They not only helped to mount their horse, but gave them far better balance during a battle.The original design of the saddle was extremely basic, and nothing like the western horse saddles that can be seen today. Leather tanning was not u...


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