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The Walkaloosa Horse - A Splash Of Color And A Rainbow Of Gaits

Walkaloosa horses are gaited horses with the same exotic coloring of the Appaloosa, but contrary to what the breed's name implies, a Walkaloosa does not have to have Walking Horse ancestry. Any combination of naturally gaited horse with Appaloosa coloring qualifies as a Walkaloosa and the many accepted gaits include the Fox Trot, the Running Walk, the Rack, and the Stepping Pace or basically any smooth saddle gait somewhere between a trot and a pace. Even Gene Autry owned a gaited Appaloosa and he delighted in showing off El Morroco's smooth gait by putting a glass of water on his saddle horn and riding swiftly without spilling a drop. Even though the Walkaloosa breed registry itself is fairly new, the breed itself has been around for centuries. Appaloosa breeders claim to have the oldest recognizable breed known; a claim that can backed up by the drawings of spotted horses in the prehistoric ice caves of France. The Paso Fino breeders claim that their breed is the oldest breed in the Western Hemisphere sinc...


70 - One of the Most Expensive Horses in the World - The Bavarian Warmblood

The international name of Bavarian Warmblood, or Bayerisches Warmblut as it is known locally in Germany, was previously called the Rottaler Horse, a name which was discontinued in the 1960's when the Bavarian Warmblood was registered as a separate breed in1963. Today there are only a few purebred Rottaler horses left and approximately 20 breeders in Bavaria exist that are actively working to preserve the breed which also receives federal support. While German Warmblood breeds like Westphalian, Holsteiner and Hanoverian are widely known throughout the world, Bavarian Warmbloods are not very well-known of the country's many competition horses and have only become a household name outside Europe within the last ten years. But the Bavarian Warmblood Horses are elegant, large, and superior quality warm-blooded equines that command high prices at auction. Bavarian Lord Sinclair, for instance was the most expensive sports horse in the world, selling for 2.8 million Deutsch Marks at a PSI auction, until the arrival ...


Horse Blankets: The Various Types

People who ride horses can be called 'equestrians' although an equestrian is usually thought of as a horse rider in a competition rather than a cowboy. Equestrians ride in competitions such as the Olympic Games and Gymkhanas. These games are usually costly to enter and so are considered rich people's sports. In these sports the skill of the horse is just as important as the skill of the equestrian.The health and fitness of the horse and its rider are of the utmost importance. The vet will take care of the horse's inner being and the stable boy will take care of its external care. Part of this care depends on using proper horse blankets some of which are known as horse rugs or horse sheets.Horse blankets are used to protect the horse from the elements in much the same fashion as we use clothes. Race horses are extremely strung animals and can become sick quite quickly if they are not looked after properly. They have to be treated like an Olympic sportsman would take care of himself.When a horse has been exerci...


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